Do tickets work as a human resource tool?

Depending on the size and scope of your team, we think it makes for a great "Lite HR tool" as it can cover many smaller issues, ranging from performance reviews, payroll questions, IT concerns, vacation requests, and even write-ups and warnings. You can also add a digital eSignature on the ticket that cannot be manipulated once signed for legal compliance. This is great for confirming a ticket and creating an accountability record. 

However, tickets currently doesn't contain an employee scheduler or timecard function (yet), so it pairs great if you use a more robust HR software platform by handling the smaller requests, and allowing your primary tool to manage the timesheets, scheduling, contracts etc. 

As a note, many teams also use tickets for customer support issues, since you can customize labels to suit your needs. Depending on your customer support volume, you can utilize tickets kind of like a mini-CRM.

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