Using bookmarks

If you find yourself needing to access the same thing over and over again—whether it be an event, buzz, stream, project, or ticket—you can save time rather than searching over and over again or jumping between workspaces by using bookmarks. 

Your bookmark list is universal, so if you belong to a few different teams, all of your bookmarks will appear in the same list regardless of the workspace you're in. That means you can just select a bookmark and the workspace will update automatically, allowing you to seamlessly jump between projects and workspaces (note: the notification list is universal as well and acts in a similar way). 

There are a couple ways to add bookmarks. On some pages, you may see a bookmark icon in the upper right corner of the page. On others, like events and projects, you will need to click into the details tab (it slides out from the right side), and the bookmark icon will be in the upper right corner as well. To enable the bookmark, simply click the icon and you'll save the item in your list for easy access anytime.

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