How to use Ledger 101

There is no right way or wrong way to use Ledger. Since all of the tools work together, you can choose to use them all or just one or two, depending on your team's needs. 

Smaller teams may start off using Events as a shared calendar and Streams and Chat for discussions. 

Larger teams will make immediate use of all the features available to manage their team and its teamwork, like using Buzz for team announcements, Projects for assignments and deadlines, and Tickets to help manage all those vacation requests and performance reviews. 

And if you use Ledger as a hybrid - using one team to manage teamwork in your primary organization and adding secondary teams to communicate with agencies, contractors, etc. - you will probably just use a few tools on the smaller teams (like Streams and Chat) and more or all of them on the larger team (like Projects, Tickets and Buzz). 

There are countless ways to use Ledger and connect with the teams in your orbit. Sign up for a FREE 30 day trial and try it out yourself.  

Psst: while we have you, why not bounce over to our blog and learn more about Streams and Buzz? You can read the article HERE

Quick 3 min dashboard overview

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