Adding participants

When creating a new Stream, Project, or Buzz post, you must add participants to loop others in.

By default, adding a new item will only include you on the participants list. If you would like to add others, simply select them individually from the participants drop down, or you can add everyone by selecting 'yes' for all participants.

If your team is organized into groups (such as sales, marketing, etc. - included on our Pro plan), you can simply select the intended group(s) and all members of those groups will be added into the new item.

If you want to add someone to an existing item, like an open Stream, simply open the item's details, go to the participants tab, and click the + button to add a new member. 

Note: in Events and Tickets, you 'assign' items to either yourself or other members. To edit the users you want to include on an existing item, open the details tab of the event and edit the user list accordingly. 

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