Using Zoom integration

You can quickly connect your Zoom account and add instant meetings or links to join meetings right from inside Ledger. 

Note: each user will need to connect to their own Zoom account to add meeting links. There is no shared team setting. All users will still be able to click any Zoom link throughout regardless of integration status. 

Step 1: connect your Zoom account

  • Go to the integrations page and click on the Zoom tile
  • Log Into your Zoom account and authorize Ledger
  • Once connected you will see a green checkmark next to the Zoom logo
  • We recommend disabling the Personal Meeting ID (located in your Zoom account settings).
  • To DISCONNECT from Zoom, simply click into the Zoom tile and click the 'Disconnect' button.

Step 2: using Zoom

  • You can add a Zoom meeting link by clicking the + sign on any quick-entry text area
  • You can add a Zoom meeting link by clicking the floating + icon inside any comment pop-up modal. 
  • Recordings: should you record your Zoom call, a link to the recording will be made available once the call has concluded (usually within 2-5 mins). The link to this recording will appear above the original Zoom meeting entry inside Ledger. 

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