Using saved filters

Using saved filters is one of the biggest time savers on Ledger. It's super simple to use and can save you from needing to filter all of your frequently used searches over and over again on each section. 

To use, simply open a filter on any page and select what fields you want to include. For example, let's say you want to filter all of your events with the design label added this month: open the filters (it's the icon in upper right of each section) then simply select the design label filter, set the date for 'this month' in the date field, hit save, then name your filter 'Design This Month'. Next time you come to events, simply select this saved filter from the saved filters drop down (located under the preload search drop down on left side) and your results will instantly load. 

You can save as many filters as you would like, in as many combinations. You can also select a saved filter to be your default view for a page. Simply open the saved filter drop down, hover over your saved filter, and click the star icon. Now each time the page loads this view will be the primary view you see. An example of this would be to filter all Buzz posts for 'this week'. Simply label the filter 'This Week', set it as default view, and every time you view buzz you will only see new posts from the current week. 

It's all pretty neat, and easy. Give it a try! 

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