How to use groups

Our Enterprise plan features groups, a very simple way to organize members. If you're on a larger team, splitting your users into groups gives you better control over who sees what, and makes using Ledger a lot simpler and quicker. Like having a group for sales, service, marketing, support, etc. 

Here's an example. Let's say you're posting a new stream or buzz. Simply add a group or two and all the participants will be added automatically to the post. Groups allows you to add exactly who you want in a large company quickly, without having to add participants one at a time. 

To set users into groups, simply go to your team settings and add as many groups as you need. Then add members to each one and you're done. Once your members have been added, you can then manage all of the permissions for each group under the group permissions tab. Users can be given group permissions, or you can select which users should have broader permissions, like team leaders and managers.

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