Managing Permissions

Ledger has powerful permissions and roles built-in, so you can setup individual and/or group user permissions to fine tune access across the platform. 

Under member settings, you can fine tune permissions for individual members on your team. 

If you have a really large team, and you're on our Pro plan, you can organize all your members into groups. So you can setup a group for sales, or one for marketing, and assign members to each one. Once the group is formed you can then setup permissions for the entire group, so when you add a new member to the team, all you need to do is assign them to a group and their permissions are already setup. If you don't want a member to have group permissions, they can still belong to the group, but you would just toggle their group permissions off and customize individually (you can learn more about how groups work here). 

Pro Tip: we recommend giving managers and team leaders the view all permission. This allows them to see all activity and items for all team members in each section, to make sure everyone stays on-track. Example: a manager has view all enabled on events. This will allow them to see all the events due, overdue, upcoming, who they're assigned to, etc. Additionally, we recommend only allowing team leaders and managers to create new buzz posts, although how you use each section will become more obvious as you use Ledger more and more. 

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