Using chat

Chat is a great tool for all of those micro interactions we have with a couple team members or even an entire group. To start a chat, simply select the team members you would like to chat with and begin. You can add as many participants as you want to each chat, and can always remove people if the chat becomes too crowded. 

Using Chat

  • Open the chat window
  • Create 'Compose'. 
    • Select the team 
    • Select participants
    • Add your comment
    • Click 'Start chat' 
  • Note: to begin a chat, you must have at least 1 other team member or the chat window will be empty. Once enough members are added, you will be able to create a new chat

Locating Files

On longer chats, sometimes it's hard to locate all the attached files. In Ledger, inside the chat window, simply click the 'i' icon and you will see a list of all included files, allowing you to locate files quickly. 

Chat is universal

If you belong to multiple teams, all of your chats will show in the universal chat window, so you don't need to toggle workspaces to see updates or notifications. 

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