How to use Buzz

Buzz is a modern newsfeed for all of your team posts, plus it has polls and a built-in accountability tool called Confirm. 

It's great for getting members of your team up to speed on a topic and generating feedback. You can give permission for anyone on the team to post a buzz, or just assign it as a management tool to keep teams accountable. 

We use it for:

  • Announcements
  • Memos
  • Polls
  • Recognition
  • Training
  • Goals
  • Holiday pics
  • Meeting summaries
  • Chatter...and more!


One of the best features about buzz is the confirm feature, which adds built-in accountability. How does it work? Post your buzz and ask for all participants to confirm they acknowledge it by clicking the green 'confirm' button. Once confirmed, this action cannot be reversed. You will then see who confirmed the post and who didn't, keeping everyone accountable and adding a layer of transparency to team leaders.


Polls are also super engaging. Simply ask a question, then add poll options and get instant feedback. You can always keep the results anonymous for more delicate feedback. We use it to decide brand decisions, cake or cupcake for the holiday party, super bowl picks, pretty much any poll you can think of. Go ahead and give it a try and create your very first poll today! 

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