How to use Events

Use Events to track all your meetings, assign tasks, add reminders and manage deadlines. And unlike simple calendar invites, you can add comments, attach files, and manage conversations right within each event. 

You can even invite others who are not using Ledger to the event.

Team leader? Ask for the 'view all' permission in settings, and you will then have access to see every member's events. This allows for greater team-wide transparency and will help you keep everyone on-task and aligned.

Consider integrating Google or Zoom to quickly check your google calendar for conflicts and to add zoom meeting links in one click. You can do this by visiting the integrations page in settings. 

  • Assign tasks to yourself and others on your team (as well as other teams you've been invited to).
  • Share your event with others not using Ledger.
  • Use the Poke feature to nudge others.
  • Add events to your personal calendar (click calendar icon to download ICS file)
  • Set reminders and deadlines.
  • Drag and drop events between days and hours.
  • Click on a day column to view all events due that day.
  • Use list and chart view icons to quickly track activity.
  • Manage notifications.
  • Add labels and filters.
  • Attach files.
  • ....and more!

Go ahead and create you very first event now. Simply select your participants, attach a label, add a description, set your due date, and you're done. 

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