Fine tuning your notifications

You can fine-tune all of your notifications and how you receive them easily in settings. Turn on/off email settings to better control your inbox. Recommended settings have been pre-set. 

There are 3 types of notifications: 

  1. In-app
  2. Email
  3. Banners


These notifications are available on the right sidebar by clicking your profile image in the upper right corner. Here you can see all activity and sort by type, such as mentions, assigned items, etc. We generally recommend keeping these turned on for most items so you don't miss any updates. Note: this list is universal. That means that all your notifications from each workspace and team will appear in the same list. So you can easily see all the activity from all the teams you belong to in one place, and quickly click between workspaces. 


Email notifications are sent out when users comment on items you participate in, such as a stream or project, or if you're mentioned etc. These are useful when you want to stay in the loop if someone responds to an issue and you're away from your desk. We recommend keeping some of these turned off for some high-use items so you don't get overwhelmed.

Pro Tip: did you know that you can reply directly to your email notifications? When you get an email from another user, just hit reply and send your response back if you're out and about. You can even attach files directly to the reply email. Just make sure to reply above the original email. All your replies and files will be neatly organized inside the original discussion space the next time you visit Ledger, keeping you and your team totally aligned. 


Small slide out banners will appear if you have in-app notifications turned on. These are short notifiers that can be clicked on to link you directly to the indicated item. 

Another way to view activity on items you are working on is to view your activity widget on your dashboard. There you will get a nice timeline view of your work and/or other's work, allowing you to quickly see what's been updated and needs attention.


If you are on a project or an item that you wish to pause all notifications from, simply click the bell icon and all notifications will be paused until you turn it back on. 

Daily Digest

Going on vacation? Want fewer emails? Consider turning on the Daily Digest

Note: when you click a notification, it will take you to the indicated section and create a 'preload search', which is essentially an automatic filter so you see just the indicated item. To clear this, simply open your saved filter drop down and select a new view. See below for this: 

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