How do I send a ticket to management?

By default, most users are given permission to create and send tickets. (Which, by the way, can be turned on/off for members as desired under permissions in settings.)

To send a ticket to management, an HR rep, or anyone specific, just open a new ticket, assign the participants you're looking to reach, and hit save. You'll receive notifications when the recipient replies and can keep track of the discussion within each ticket. Once that ticket is resolved, simply close it. It's that easy.

So, let's say you're putting in a request for a vacation day. You'd open a ticket, label it 'vacation', add the appropriate manager or team lead as a participant, add any comments pertinent to your request, and save the ticket. If your manager has any questions, they will add a  comment and you will be notified, which you can then answer within the ticket and continue the conversation.

Time off: Approved. Bags: Packed.

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