Managing seats

With Ledger, you can belong to an unlimited number of teams by accepting invitations. So you could accept an invite from your company, a marketing team or development team, and, since they're the ones inviting you, they will pay for your seat. But what if you want to form your own team(s)? All you need to do is buy seats and then invite members to join. Here's how it works. 

Let's say you have a small team of ten. Simply go to the plans page and select either the Basic, Team or Professional plan and choose 10 seats. Start inviting members to your new team, and each member that accepts will occupy a single seat. 

For Team and Professional plans, members can belong to as many teams as you assign them to, yet they will only occupy a single seat. So if you have 10 seats on your plan, and one of those members belongs to ten of your teams, you will only be charged for a single seat for that member. So in this case, you would have nine seats remaining to assign. 

Not ready to pick a plan? Sign up for the free individual plan, invite up to two members, and test out our core features like Events, Streams and Chat. It comes with just enough storage for your smaller projects and can be upgraded at any time. 

Note: the team owner's seat is always free. It's our way of saying thank you and welcoming you to the Ledger family. 

Ready to get started? Start building your team today! 

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