Customizing labels

Ledger comes with a lot of frequently used labels for each section, with each having a dedicated color. Feel free to add new labels, edit existing ones, change their colors, etc. You can endlessly customize your labels for Events, Buzz, Projects, and Tickets in Settings under the "Customize" tab.

We went ahead and pre-loaded some labels that tend to fit most teams like a glove, but you can edit, delete, and create entirely new ones to perfectly match your team.

For example, your team may prefer to describe team goals as "Objectives." Have at it! Under the Buzz label, simply edit "Goals" to say "Objectives" and save it.

You can also change label colors to literally any hex color code. Change them to fit your branding, alter one or two seasonally as you wish, it's totally up to you!

Note: all labels on your team are only customizable by the team owner. However, all invited members of a team will be able to go into settings > labels and edit their own list. Any edits made to their labels would then apply to all new teams that member creates, and so on. 

Pro tip: you can add new custom labels to keep track of specific clients or projects, then use saved filters to quickly sort. There are many ways to use them! 

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