Creating a secure password

Look, we're note cyber security experts over here. But we know what separates a secure password from an insecure one. And we provide and encourage two-factor authentication to make sure your business remains just that: your business.

When you create or change a password in Ledger, you'll need to play by the rules and make sure it's at least 8 characters, including a number and a lowercase letter. But as we'd recommend, your work is not the place to meet the bare minimum. Complex, unique passwords are always recommended.

However, we also strongly recommend you take another step and enable two-factor authentication. So when you sign into Ledger, you'll enter your username and password like usual.

But when logging in from a new browser, you'll need to enter an additional code from your phone or tablet. Once you enter the code on the website, you'll be logged into Ledger.

We offer two methods for two-factor authentication. You can set it up using an app, or set it up with your email.

Two-Factor Authentication via App: To set up your two-factor authentication via a third-party app, go into "Account Settings" and select "Account Security." From here, you can set up your two-factor authentication via a separate app. We recommend apps such as Authy, 1Password, or LastPass Authenticator. These applications support secure backup of your authentication codes in the cloud and can be restored if you lose access to your device.

Two-Factor Authentication via Email: To set up your two-factor authentication via email, go into "Account Settings" and select "Account Security." From here, you can input an email. Ledger will send you an email with a two-factor authentication code when prompted. Input the code from the email and you'll be back in business.

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